Environmental advice
  • Delivering 250 environmental advice sessions for Envirowise
  • Delivering 150 resource efficiency (Fast-track) visits for Envirowise
  • Delivering 15 specialist support projects to clients of Envirowise Wales
  • Delivering 20 Vision in Print Environmental Diagnostics
  • Consultant to four regional waste minimisation projects
  • Advisor to the Environment Agency’s Hazred project
Carbon reduction
  • Consultant for Carbon Trust study of contract catering
  • Writing factsheets for Defra on energy saving in contract catering
  • Carbon reduction advice for participant in CRC energy efficiency scheme
Environmental training
  • Delivering “train the trainer” sessions on waste prevention for WRAP
  • Delivering supply chain training on food waste prevention for WRAP
Environmental strategy
  • Leader of a team developing an Environmental Diagnostic Tool for printers
  • Study of trends in the EU refinish coatings market
  • Development of a model comparing options for SOx reduction in shipping
  • Author of two publications on resource efficiency published by Envirowise
  • Speaker on resource efficiency at environmental conferences
Resource efficiency
  • Mass balance and “cost of waste” studies on dozens of sites
  • Implemented a waste management system across six sites
  • Achieved savings of £3m/year for a coatings manufacturer
  • Achieved 44% (770 tpa) reduction in hazardous waste for a chemicals plant
  • Use of statistical methods and designed experiments in industrial processes
  • Achieved 60% reduction in rejects in a snack food processing plant
  • Increased First-Time Quality in a plastic resin process by 7% in six months
  • Reduced process interruptions 40% in a packaging film casting process
  • Lead a project to improve paper mill changeover efficiency and waste
Project management
  • Analysis and planning for off shoring a production operation
  • Development of strategic options for a multi-site food processor
  • Trained shop-floor improvement teams and implemented process level KPI’s
  • Redesign of a paint plant to improve material flow and reduce cycle time